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Say person A and person B got into a fight--a huge, messy fight with no way back no matter what they do to try to bring their relationship back to something more stable, due to repeated misunderstandings, mistakes on both their parts, or something more fundamental. Fundamental reasons are more difficult to reconcile, and it has overreaching influence on how both parties handle confrontations, how they decide to take actions based on chances of success and the ordeals they must go through to get at those chances of success. Say person A decides that what they used to have is not worth the pain of trying to regain whatever it was, and person B goes ballistic at that decision, thus adding yet another horrifying twist to that already convoluted clusterfuck that is their already difficult friendship. For lack of a common ground, they "part ways"--messages sent and left unreplied, the question of whether they can still get along in the future left up in the air. Then one day, person A sees person B enjoying themselves in the company of other people, people whom person B has repeatedly raised to person A as examples of better people, better friends, and person A decides to be honest and say that they're glad to see that person B might be starting to heal and enjoy life again. For person A, it is a genuine expression of gladness. There is no ill will behind it. As it turns out, person B doesn't feel the same, and promptly tells person A to go fuck themselves for saying that being apart from B makes A happy.

I don't know either.

I'm normally the type of person who tries to believe in the best in people, even though that belief has been proven false time and time again, but this entire year has just been one big valuable lesson in altruism: it's a double-edged sword and must be used with great care, especially if there's even the slightest chance that it will be twisted and turned against you.


For those of you who might be wondering if there's anything the HxH anime reboot and the wonderful things Togashi has been giving us with the manga continuation might be doing towards jumpstarting my very dead fanficcing muses, I have started with a reboot of my own. 1200 words written for the first chapter, which is a lot more than anything I've managed to write in terms of an actual fanfic for the past couple of years.

Something like 75% of it was typed out on Quickoffice on my Nokia E5, which I take with me whenever I need to relieve my bowels during office hours.


I woke up today to see typhoon Pedring slamming into Manila with the kind of force I normally see only once or twice a year, and even half-asleep my sisters and I all sensed that it would be too dangerous for dad to drive us out to work. By 6:30 we were all more awake and busy texting officemates and superiors, making inquiries about the possibility of work being suspended for today, gauging the strength of the storm by how hard the wind was blowing into our patios, and by 7:15, fifteen minutes before we were usually due to leave, we'd decided on not going out. I think my sisters were thinking more along the lines of just applying for emergency or sick leaves, while I was gambling with the very real chance of the private sector following the announcement of suspension of work for all government offices--and it happened, sure enough, and rather quickly, too. So now I have a free day.

Except the power went out at lunch and is still out now, 7 hours later. Thank god for my sister's laptop. I took a long nap in the afternoon, spent something like an hour in total constantly checking on the rabbits (about half of that cleaning and wiping the cage dry after the wind died down a bit--they behaved most curiously, keeping to the upper level and meatloafing almost the entire day; it almost feels as if they were reflecting my melancholy at the lack of power and my inactivity in the absence of lights and a working Internet connection) and finished reading Truelove the rest of the time, and I'm now on book 16... I can safely expect to finish reading the entire Aubrey-Maturin series by the end of the year.

How weird, this feeling of being disconnected from everything. I should be trying to write, but my mind is just really blank...


Pimping an academic survey thing. It's most relevant to people who read English scanlations of Japanese manga, both for free online and legally-bought copies from publishing companies. Kind of long, but rather interesting (it made me boggle after I counted and realized that I'm actively following more than 25 series) - and my friend needs at least 500 respondents from all over the world. Help her out? :>

There's something wrong about feeling giddy over being told that I'm one of the testers the other teams in my division dread being assigned to. On one hand, it means I'm very effective. On the other hand, "dreaded" sounds simultaneously terrible and badass lmao.

I'm starting to hate Mondays.


I was actually pretty worried when I heard that the new HxH anime will be getting a new cast, since as far as my memories of the original cast were concerned, they were pretty much perfect already. But I still looked forward to finding out because getting new cast announcements is like a step closer to the actual start of the series, right, and now that we know who will be voicing the main four, I can start turning my attention to wishing that they'd hurry up and release the trailers already.

Megumi Han (live-action Otomen) as Gon
Mariya Ise as Killua
Keiji Fujiwara as Leorio
Miyuki Sawashiro as Kurapika
Daisuke Namikawa as Hisoka

I only know the guys lmao. No idea how Daisuke Namikawa will be doing Hisoka's pervy voice, but he has a massive range, anyway, and can probably pull it off. Keiji Fujiwara is Hughes voice, which is okay as well. Mariya Ise is um. All I know is that she was in Panty and Stocking, and any attempt to look for YouTube videos will be kind of useless since it'll just keep returning videos of the theme song she sang. Megumi Han seems to be virtually unknown in the anime VA scene. And as for Kurapika's VA--Miyuki Sawashiro. MIYUKI SAWASHIRO. Amazing what hearing that she'll be doing Kurapika's voice can do to spurn me into researching what her voice is like, which eventually led to me rooting out my copy of Kurenai.

About 57 seconds in! She did a really good job with Shinkurou. The anime has some interesting fight scenes, also I cannot help spotting the similarities in their backgrounds hahaha. I AM OKAY WITH THIS. Although I feel bad because I'm now thinking that she might make a better Kurapika than Kaida Yuki. :'DDD I believe Kaida Yuki was just starting with her career when she voiced Kurapika? Might be wrong on this. Her voice sounded a lot less developed back then--kind of breathier, not enough of that scratchy quality that makes listening to females voicing male characters not as awkward as it should be. Miyuki Sawashiro, on the other hand, has a ridiculously long credit list. ._.

;3; I want to know who'll be voicing Kuroro...

[Edit:] Well, not exactly better? Only maybe not as "soft" and possibly manlier and possibly hotter. +3+





I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize how hard the rainy weather is on normal office people working in Manila, considering the fact that I've been working for almost 4 years now. I mean, I still love rain and the sound of thunder and seeing all that water washing away the heat and the dirt of the city, but I know exactly how inconvenient it is now. ;;;

Also, I'm so glad I made a new cover for the rabbit cage. Gone are the days where I'd get home and see them huddled at the top level because the lower-level tiles are getting wet, and where I'd end up getting myself wet scrambling to tape plastic bags over the third of the cage that's exposed to the rain. Now the only thing I have difficulty with is the water and mud I track into the house after I'm done cleaning the cage and feeding the rabbits.

Oh, another thing I'm starting to dislike about rainy weather in Manila is the effect it has on office aircon. What was already difficult to ward off even with a thick Esprit jacket becomes downright unbearable. And this is with said Esprit jacket plus a pashmina shawl wrapped around my neck and shoulders and cumbersome gloves.

I'm going to try putting on a second jacket the next time it gets bad and see how many people will tell me that I look ridiculous.


Massive spoilers for HP7, smaller spoilers for Reborn, One Piece, Fairy Tail.Collapse )

I am envious of people getting to meet up at this Otakon thingie.


1) Rereading Junjou Romantica isn't conducive to characterizing Kurapika either in fic or in RP, I find. I keep getting this urge to pattern him after Misaki. +_+

2) I found two new manga to follow. *3* Well, one isn't exactly new, but it's not long enough to be considered old, anyway...

ST&RS - Feels like a light-hearted version of the old Contact movie. I loved it when I first saw it; the sense of mystery and wonder the vague ending gave me has yet to be surpassed by all the NatGeo space specials I've been downloading. And ST&RS has an art style that sort of reminds me of Eyeshield21, for some reason.

Break Blade - Damn FM for showing us the OVA when we went over to his place last weekend. I got home that evening and sped through all 51 chapters available on Mangareader. I think the main allure this one has for me are the mysteries surrounding the lead's mecha. Why is it so powerful despite being so flawed? Also politics and warring states and incredibly bloody, gritty mecha battles.

3) I took a VL for today because I had to bring the rabbits to the vet for their biannual check-up. By complete coincidence my period started yesterday, which saved me from going through the trouble of getting a sick leave today and ruining my attendance record. I thought it was a good idea, but then I realized that weekends longer than 2 days have this tendency to make it harder for me to get back into the proper working mood on Tuesday. Uuu the dilemma of wanting to be a bum but needing the security of a stable income...


Last night, I had a dream. Well, more like a horrifying nightmare. popcandy linked this video on Plurk and I found my way to THIS VIDEO, and zombie!Hisoka just clung to my brains or something and I ended up dreaming about getting chased through a maze-like house because I stole a sword from him.

Seeing these videos is making me realize just how terrifying the Geneiryodan are. I'm not even sure how my mind makes the illogical leaps required to allow me to write fic about Kurapika getting integrated into the Ryodan. >_>

You know that feeling where you're just so engrossed in work that you don't even notice time passing by? One minute it's 1 in the afternoon, the next time you look up from what feels like minutes of intense system testing, it's already 5. I don't even have time to worry about my lack of Internet access at work now.

mushrooms part 2

Our cabinet sprouted more mushrooms. I think the entire thing's infested with mushroom spores or something, because I saw suspicious white knobs when I took a flashlight and shined it at the sides and what little of the back of the cabinet I could see without getting too close. Would have tried to take the entire thing apart to hunt for more growths, but the smell of moldy old shoes is kind of bad and I'm unreasonably afraid that accidentally breathing in invisible mushroom spores might cause them to take root in my innards or something.

Also, I know what it is!* It's Coprinus atramentarius, also called the Common Ink Cap, which is apparently edible but poisonous when consumed with alcohol--but who the hell would want to eat an inky black mushroom with beer, anyway?

*Yukeh gave me this pocket guide to mushroom hunting and identifying, which makes for entertaining bathroom reading material.

come at me bro

Meme from kasugai_gummie , and I think I'll be taking advantage of that no obligations thing because--I probably wouldn't know what to ask.

Comment with "Come at me, bro"
I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

I can try to give you questions if you want to be asked that badly, though. .w.

Answers here!Collapse )

... I am not entirely in the mood to be writing LJ entries, I think. ;;;

why so serious

For once, I am out of things to talk about. If someone would note the frequency of my posts, though, they'd notice that I've been posting twice a week, every Monday and Thursday. I must set a routine, see, otherwise I'll keep procrastinating and put off posting (and checking flist) again until I disappear for months on end.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series this much. ;;; I'm at book 10 now, which is a pretty good rate considering I only started reading this... January? I think. (Or was it late 2010? Aaah I don't remember.) I'm also starting to pick up the language, which normally happens only when I'm fully immersed in a writer's style... making naval metaphors and recognizing puns lololol.

/nose twitch

Heavy rainy season in the Philippines has started, and last week I was forced to acknowledge the reality that my rabbits' cage cover was kind of coming apart at the seams. I came home and saw how fucking dark the sky was and how hard it was raining and how wet the cage tiles had gotten and immediately set about trying to put together some kind of temporary covering for the lower left corner of the cage. After an hour of cursing and fighting the wind and the rain with plastic bags and tape I ended up with something my mother said looked like part of a squatter's house.

So last Sunday I set about making a new cover, one that didn't look as tattered and could easily be put together at a moment's notice, preferably without needing to resort to tape, which grew less effective with successive showers.

Cuuuut for pictures.Collapse )


Saw Green Lantern last Saturday. It was actually quite fun, so I don't get the generally negative reception. Then again, I went into the theater having no prior knowledge whatsoever, except for the few JLU episodes I saw (can be counted with the fingers of both hands, I believe), so I was able to enjoy the film as a regular moviegoer.

Also, seeing it has made me realize that I really do prefer superhero/supernatural plots where the protagonist starts out normal and is then endowed with amazing power/has to train to develop something wonderful and innate. Might stem from childhood dreams of being a ~hero~ not like I've stopped daydreaming about it, though-- And the possible applications of the rings are kind of mind-blowing; I can't believe I never latched on to it until now--I was always thinking flight or telepathy or telekinesis as my preferred superpower whenever the question popped up.


... I don't want to to go work orz. Why do holidays always make me feel like this.

June the sixteenth

Last night (or very early today, rather), I tried to get up at 3 AM to go look at the lunar eclipse. The alarm did jog me awake, and I managed to drag my ass off the bed and peer out the windows at the patch of sky where the full moon was just three hours ago. It wasn't there. It had probably risen directly over our house by then, and I weighed the pros and cons of going outside to either of the patios, or even to the roof at the back of the house. The first thought that occurred to me that it was kind of really dark, and hot on the heels of that thought followed the realization that my imagination wasn't going to let me out there by myself. The second thought was that I needed to log at least 6 hours of sleep to be effective at work.

No, I didn't see the lunar eclipse. :'D I went back to bed, was asleep within a minute.

Then I go in to work and get knocked out by a surprisingly early period, anyway. Cramps got so bad in the afternoon that I couldn't move--had to IP my TL and ask if they kept painkillers in the office, and she was seated only a meter away hahaha. Midol took an hour to kick in, and it was a very long, very painful hour, made worse by our building's ridiculously powerful centralized airconditioning system. >_> Couldn't finish the task I hoped I'd power through within today. It's Friday tomorrow, at least, and I don't have work on Monday yay.

/crawls back into the light


Failed to check this account for the past two months again. :'D


Wish there was a reset button for these things.

--Am still at the office, though, so I will wait until I get home before trying to catch up.

What have I done?

Kind of just... skimming through the last eighty personal LJ entries in my F-list now, just so it won't build up and become unmanageable while I'm away the next four days. ;;; I see quite a few entries I'd normally comment on, but I have three hours left in the day, I am kind of failing at my Nanowrimo goals for today, and I'm flying to Hong Kong in thirteen hours.

So screwed for this month. So screwed.

[Edit:] I have this video permanently loaded in one of Firefox's tabs. Whenever I need to calm down or cheer up, I watch it.

Turn up the volume. It's like listening to a tiny fluffy motorcycle with the sweetest-sounding engine ever.

On WH.

I think... if I changed the title into something less reminiscent of romance novels with buff half-naked men with eight-packs holding their swooning buxom significant others on the covers, I would be half as likely to cringe every time I think of going back to write it.

But I suck at titles. And I've already said my piece about how my old writing style feels so florid now, and I've been scolded for thinking in that manner, and I have gone back to read select chapters only to wonder how the hell I was able to write this well years ago, but.


Yes, it's the content--the execution that matters, not the labels, and I know I'll be forgiven for popping out new chapters written in an entirely different writing style, as long as I do it well, and believably, as long as I finish what I'd started, with all the love and care and dedication that I'd already poured into it--

Okay I think I'm just panicking about this.

Three of my closest friends have also signed up for Nanowrimo--Pam was already going to do it, Yukeh was undecided, and she enabled Khursten into joining along with her, sort of used me and Pam to pull it off. Friendly competition resulting in lots of pain and lulzy plotting or something, and I was like--

"Oh dear. Oh, dear. Now I absolutely cannot back out." DDDDD8


I can't stop watching this.

Hiroki Takahashi is amazing.

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